Design is our excellence. Inspiration, freshness and sensitivity for the chromatic play are a heritage that in Lisa grows and renovates uninterruptedly, collection after collection. Creativity never dries up. On the contrary, the more it is stimulated, the more it manages to always find new and surprising paths: this is the "made in Italy" we believe in.

Three stylistic teams, composed of people having different backgrounds and cultures, are able to skillfully use various techniques to give shape to ideas and turn them into products.

From the hand-made pattern, with the poetry that only the brush or pencil can evoke, to the use of the most updated digital systems to graphically create new patterns able to convey a sense of depth to images. Research and development are the focus of our investments.

At Lisa, creativity is not a mere theoretical exercise, but the pivot of a strategy that never loses sight of market requirements.

Quickness of working, a careful trade policy, a wide range of fibres and textiles and, in particular, the ability to develop new products in close cooperation with customers: these are our competitive advantages and our winning features.


Lisa Group constantly invests in new systems and cooperates with major companies producing technology for the textile industry, with the aim of finding new solutions that improve our performance.

Our digital and traditional printing departments are equipped with advanced and technically constantly evolving systems, with special attention to the respect for the environment.

Such commitment has been rewarded with an important acknowledgment in 2009, for the fulfillment and implementation of the “Life-Battle” project, sponsored by the European Union and under the technical supervision of Enea (National Agency for new Technology, Energy and Environment).

This project was considered as the best in terms of techniques for the reutilisation of water in the textile industry.


Creativity at the service of fashion, ready to interpret its trends to realize printed fabrics in line with the consumers' tastes and with the needs of a market continuously looking for innovations. Lisa Collection, Top project, Just Fly and For him are the four collections designed by the Group, along with the historical ribbon line that offers products completing men, women and kids' clothing. Each creative team is engaged in focused projects, from ready-to-wear to long-term fashion, and the main asset is the ability to support the customers in the product customization path.