Corporate social responsibility

Let's help the most in need to regain the dignity of work

 In the vision of a more balanced and supportive society, free from the rule of profit at any cost, the task of a company cannot be limited to the mere production of goods and services in respect of the law. The embrace of an ethical dimension is the path that allows enterprises to open up to the world and its needs, to offer their tangible contribution to the great human family and, in particular, to its less lucky members.

 These are issues on which Lisa is active protagonist in Italy and in developing countries through entrepreneurial and humanitarian targeted initiatives.

Cooperation with schools

Internships, scholarships, company visits, donations of fabrics to stimulate the creativity of the kids. There are many projects that prove the attention and the special relationship Lisa has established with the new generation. Work experience is a precondition to enter the world of work, and Lisa candidates itself as a tutor for students who are willing to take their first steps into the professional industries of design and fashion.


 At Lisa, corporate internships can be attended by foreign designers as well as by students from any high school education and/or university concentration, with different levels of educational paths that can be undertaken within the company. Together with the collaboration with many institutes, such as Carlo Secoli Institute, Naba (New school of Fine arts), ComOn and many more institutions delivering future designers and textile professionals, Lisa has set up a scholarship program together with IED (European Institute of Design) targeted to the Fashion Design students.We do preserve special care to the social issues also within the training field, and we do this by supporting projects whose goal is to provide to disadvantaged people the necessary professional skills for entering or re-entering the world of work.

Cultural evenings

 At Lisa, everybody has the opportunity to establish himself/herself in the workplace, not only from a professional point of view, but from the human side too. This is the spirit that gives birth to cultural evenings organised periodically at the company. Events that feature respected personalities and celebrities often known also by the general public. Themes range from important topics, linked to the personal development such as health, psychic well-being, religion and history, up to lighter proposals, characterized anyway by great cultural depth: lectures on art, life stories, theatre plays.

 These always up-to-date and exciting proposals can make people "grow" by experiencing new paths of knowledge and by comparing this with other realities.