For Him

Over the last few years men have been deeply changing their closet, keeping the pace with the trend of fashion being more and more free and receptive to innovation.

As a result there has been a constantly increasing request for printed clothing: shirts, trousers, sweatshirts, coats and beachwear. Thanks to its experience, Lisa has entered in a leading role a market where the extravagance of themes and colours is constantly object of research by manufacturers.


The “For Him” line operates over a wide spectrum: it delivers designs appealing for both younger and less young men, ranging from traditional patterns to more glamorous ones, developing themes and moods that can inspire the most demanding tastes of men.The “For Him” line wide-ranges, with proposals interesting young and older men, from the classic pattern to the more glamorous ones, developing themes and moods that touch the most demanding sensitivities of the male world.