Lisa. A history

From the very beginning to the foundation of the Group

Creativity, intuition and an enterprising soul are the main ingredients of our history. Lisa took its first steps in 1970 as a firm operating in the textile industry, before evolving into a holding company controlling two enterprises: Lisa Spa, based in Veniano (CO), and the Printing House of Martinengo (BG), where most of the printed fabrics - exported all over the world - are currently processed.

A continuous evolution

The evolution of Lisa has been quiet and inconspicuous, characterized by both everyday step-by-step improvements as well as by moments of major breakthrough. In the very beginning the core business was niche productions targeting the printing and sale of fabrics for wrap-dresses, prams and bias. The radical change took place around the 80s. At that time the textile industry was going through a tough time, struggling with a technological revolution and a consequent market change. As a result, the company decided to target the fashion industry. 

Womenswear and kidswear collections started to be developed, increasing the sales within the Italian market and starting also to structure the export. 

Results rewarded this intuition and were fundamental to spur the actions taken by Lisa between 2007 and 2008. The company was able to turn the industry crisis into an oppurtunity by focusing on targeted investments that could stimulate its growth. In this perspective, the acquisition of the Printing House of Martinengo proved to be a strategic operation. Lisa in such way managed to acquire a position of leadership in the production chain, becoming an actual verticalized partner for its customers. In 2008 the launch of the new lines "Just Fly" and "Top Project" represented a further strengthening of Lisa in the market. 

Italian style in the world

Lisa is largely acknowledged as one of the main players within the printed fabric industry, and has been setting the benchmark for those who look for a thorough and high quality service, from the creation of the initial pattern to the delivery of the finished product. 

Our core business is womenswear: however, there has been an increasing care for other segments too - as menswear and kidswear. 

Within the ready-to-wear segment, Lisa assures creativity and readiness. 

Exclusivity of proposals and anticipation of trends characterize the long-term segment instead.

The company fulfils the needs of an increasingly globalized and competitive market by matching the traditional Italian "know-how" - a mix of craftsmanship and creativity - together with the sustainable and well controlled use of the most advanced printing technologies.

Competitive and sustainable

The most valuable assets for Lisa are know-how, long-term experience and eco-sustainability. 

The company has developed a very strong expertise in the treatment of any kind of fibre, ranging from cotton to viscose, from synthetic to natural fibres, managing both woven and knitted fabrics.Together with such technical and professional qualities, the long-term experience of the firm at international level allows us to understand and interpret tastes of other cultures, along with the compliance with severe eco-sustainability standards. Every product holds the Oeko Tex Certification, in order to guarantee the respect of people and nature.

Our values

Putting people at the centre of the business. 

This is not just an intention for Lisa, it is instead a commitment maintained and nourished every single day. 

This commitment gives rise to a well-structured schedule of activities and initiatives.

Among these, investments for continuous training - allowing employees to grow and succeed in their work - participation in supporting difficult family situations and contributions to education. 

These bonding and solidarity projects are well accompanied by professional courses that take place inside the company and also by special evening events dedicated to cultural issues.