Product safety

Faithful to the company's mission, Lisa pursues an ethical behaviour that respects both people and the environment.

For this reason we strive everyday to assure compatibility among industrial production, respect for people and ecosystem safeguard. Result of this behaviour is the production of very beautiful and high quality fabrics with “Oeko tex” certification, a brand that guarantees the absence or the risk of releasing harmful substances.

Inside our laboratory we carry out accurate analyses on raw, semi-finished and finished textile products.

At present, tests concern about 100 control parameters and are based on international methods aimed to ascertain the presence of a number of substances. From the harmful and forbidden substances (as cancer-causing colourants), to those regulated by law (formaldehyde, heavy metals and pentachlorophenol), up to the verification of parameters regarding colour resistance and pH value, data useful to safeguard the safety and health of end-consumers.

Quality control

All Lisa's products undergo a strict quality control. Before starting any production, tests on the raw or ready for the printing fabrics are carried out, in order to verify the correspondence between the sample examined and the technical specifications agreed with the suppliers.

Further controls are then carried out at the Printing House of Martinengo, during the industrial processing and textile finishing phase. Technicians from the internal chemical-textile laboratory perform different types of analysis, among which those related to the colour resistance to water, sweat, scratching, and the measurement of pH from the aqueous extract.

As guarantee of quality Lisa holds the practice of inspecting the fabric through computerized inspection devices: in this way a thorough visual check up of the products can be executed, and sample tests to verify the compliance of specific  physical and chemical parameters of printed fabrics can be carried out.