• Printing house
    of Martinengo

    The processing cycle ends with the steps of the washing and finishing of the printed fabric. The finished product will be soon ready for the fashion industry.
  • Printing house
    of Martinengo

    Printing house of Martinengo New technologies give strength to ideas. So, the latest ink jet machines for the digital printing help enhance creativity.
  • Printing house
    of Martinengo

    Natural, artificial or synthetic: all types of fabric start their processing cycle from the storage area and go through a process that lead them to the printing phase.

The strength of experience

Six rotary machines - and a potential 100thousand-metre fabric printed per day - as well as INKJET machines for the digital printing, equipment for preparing fabric of any kind of fibre – natural, artificial or synthetic -  and machines conceived for the washing, vaporization, stenter phase and special finishings.

Founded in 1974, Printing House of Martinengo is an excellence within the Italian textile printing industrial scenario.

This historical company has always stood out for its strong tendency to professional and technological innovation.

Such commitment has been honoured with investments reaching up 18 million Euro over the last four years.

These investments have been partly intended to the internal Research and Development Department, that can be currently included among the most advanced in the industry for experience and expertise.

Printing House of Martinengo offers a complete processing cycle - from raw fabric preparation to printing and up to finishing – that fulfils strict environmental sustainability criteria.

The special care for this issue can be found in its participation to the project Life, established by the European Union: the company is engaged in the recovery and recycle of water used during production processes, which tops two million litres a day.

For further information about the project: http://www.life-battle.bologna.enea.it/

Stamperia Di Martinengo S.r.l.
Via Angelo E Agostino Pinetti, 44
24057 Martinengo (BG) ITALY

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